IT services

  • Autonomous and network solutions with the remote control, work time tracking, planning of need in staff
  • Integrated security systems
  • Subscription service of computers, computer networks
  • IT outsourcing
  • Design and installation of computer and telephone networks
  • Web design
  • Web hosting and email
  • Development and design of data base
  • Computer network security, equipment, facilities

One of the promising areas of our business in the field of IT is electronic work time tracking system.

Time is money! The electronic time tracking is an easy, fast and convenient way to collect information on working hours and employees' regime of work.

Simply choose the terminal of time and attendance tracking. We, together with leading manufacturers of access and time control systems, will:

  • implement solutions, from the most simple to the complex integrations with ERP and EDC systems;
  • provide the necessary data for staff activity analysis;
  • implement access to the software via a WEB-interface, which requires no installation of additional programs on the client's workplace.

What is your gain?

  • Time attendance terminals are compatible with 1C, SAP and other ERP systems;
  • Connection with various types of communication, including Internet and cellular communication
  • Ability to identify employees both by magnetic cards and fingerprints;
  • Safety of personal data – every fingerprint is recorded on the card which is always with the employee;
  • Automatization of staff time accounting and payroll;
  • Control of employees in remote offices and branches;
  • Reduction of work amount for personnel department, elimination of human factor during manual processing of staff time data;
  • Analytics, reports and payroll are exercised in existing ERP-system;
  • The system registers about 30 causes of employees' leaving, and payment is made only for actual hours worked and confirmed by the department head;
  • Automatization of employees' registration processes, hardware and software integration with CCTV systems and security alarm;
  • All equipment is operated in unified system.